About Us

DCM has been in the financial wellness business for more than 22 years. Our recently launched Magni-fi brand, in conjunction with Casey & Associates now represents our latest financial wellness offering that provides companies and their employees with solutions that are very different to the majority of “tick-box solutions” currently in the market.

The purpose of Magni-fi financial wellness service is:

  • To provide purposeful solutions to employees that will see them increase credit scores and increase disposable income.
  • To provide tailor-made solutions to employees that will see their financial position improve over time.
  • To deliver measurable results to our employers.
  • Show return on investment by implementing our programs and solutions.

We believe to invest and provide solutions that are specific to solving problems in various industries.

Our approach

Our results highlight that a “one size fits all” approach does not drive the change in behaviour much needed by employees that would eventually see them progress from having a low credit score with multiple creditor defaults to a great credit score with no defaults. The goal is not only a great credit score or being in a position whereby monthly expenses are managed well, but also achieving goals such as home ownership. Our success is your success and the much-needed support from management and organised labour remains vital.

Years of experience

For the last twenty years, we’ve been proudly providing financial relief and empowerment.

Leveraging this experience, our team of specialists can create a specific solution to suit you and the needs of your employees, helping them resolve their problem debt and gain control over their finances.


Employees Trained

Employees don’t understand financial terminology, debt and its impact on their payslip. Financial literacy training provided by specialised consultants.


Roadmaps Done

Budget training provided to employees who did not know how to budget.


Rand saved

Employees vulnerable to unscrupulous lenders. 2,154 Emolument Attachment / Garnishee orders reduced.


Debt Counselling Cases

Average instalment reduced by 49%. Critically indebted employees need immediate relief, 254 employees receiving debt counselling.

Financial Wellness Programmes in South Africa

Employees don’t understand financial terminology, debt and its impact on their payslip. Financial literacy training provided by specialised consultants.At Magnifi, we’re passionate about creating sustainable financial well-being programmes that enhance the lives of all. We create specific solutions to suit your business and the needs of your employees, to help them resolve their debt and gain control over their finances. Our team is driven by our purpose of building a healthy, sustainable and working ecosystem for all stakeholders involved, which would ultimately lead to a financially stable economy.


We’re renowned as the market leaders in financial well-being of large-scale employee groups, companies and organisations. Because of this thought-leadership, we’ve become the trusted advisors and partners to large corporations, multi-nationals and small-to-medium enterprises across multiple sectors that employ a unionised workforce.


We’re not your average EAP company. Why? Simply because our solutions are proactive and highly results-driven. We’re passionate about having a proactive approach. We connect with your staff on a personal level to address any issues BEFORE they become a problem.

We’re all about creating REAL impact so that we add value where it really counts – your bottom line!


Join the ranks of employers who trust our market leading financial well-being solutions. We’ll provide your employees with the best, proven option for creating sustainable financial well-being and ultimately, enhance your company’s security and success.